Factory08 | Automations
FACTORY08 Smart Industry Solutions FACTORY08 is an innovative enterprise able to manage the entire industrialisation process of a product. We follow and support our clients from the conception and development, to the engineering through the industrial and process automations. FACTORY08 S.r.l. is a company active in the design and development of industrial automations, both for the hardware and for the software, and in the product innovation, able to guarantee a workflow that spans from the conception of a product to its prototyping and production. FACTORY08 S.r.l. represents an innovative industrial plant for design and product, able to combine “new” and “traditional” technologies, in the Industry 4.0 logic, in order to foster the innovation and digitalisation of production systems. FACTORY08 S.r.l. takes measures aimed at digitalising the industrial automation using machines capable of transmitting and processing huge amount of data and of performing highly complex tasks. The innovation process is thus guaranteed by the merging of two factors: on the one hand digitalisation, on the other hand automation.
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We design and supply industrial toolings,

mechanical and electrical systems to support the

production of new components and products.

The automations department of FACTORY08 can rely on an internal and qualified personnel with over 25 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of special machines and systems in different sectors.

The automation business unit supplies

  • Grippers
  • Sprues cutting beds
  • Cartesian robots
  • Systems for quality check and testing
  • Robotic cells with anthropomorphic robots
  • Special systems for components tooling
  • Measuring calibres and jibs
  • Fixing jibs

The highly-specialised personnel takes care of the projects from the initial feasibility stage to its complete installation, startup and putting into production at the final client’s premises.

Thanks to the multi-year experience of the team in the design and manufacturing of this kind of systems, FACTORY08 S.r.l. is able to provide highly technological and efficient solutions.

This is done not only in view of guaranteeing stable production processes, but also to help greatly decrease the cost of the finished product.